Advertising Rates

Nevada Cattlemen's Association Members receive 10% Discount

Display Ad Rates and Sizes

Inches (width x height)
1/8 page horizontal 5.05 x 2.55 $80
1/8 page vertical 2.45 x 5.25 $80
1/6 page 5.05 x 3.45 $90
1/4 page horizontal (standard) 5.05 x 5.24 $100
1/4 page tall 2.45 x 10.625 $100
1/2 horizontal 10.25 x 5.24 $130
1/2 vertical 5.05 x 10.625 $130
Full page 10.25 x 10.625 $170
Banner 10.25 x 2 $85
Pre-Printed Insert 8.5 x 11

Classified Ad Rates

20¢ per word.

Count words by: each set of initials or numbers as one word, groups of figures one word.  Hyphenated words or pre-fixed phone numbers count as two words.

Issuance and Closing Dates

Closing date for space or copy: 15th of the month preceding publication date.

Nevada Cattlemen’s Association reserves the right to refuse any advertisements.

File Set-up Specifications


All graphics, photos and ads should be submitted with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% print size.

(Note: Internet, web, and social media images usually do not print well, and  it is likely there there will be a substantial drop in the image quality when printed.)  For best quality, DO NOT attempt to enlarge or increase resolution to make the image meet specifications, as this will degrade the quality and produce undesirable results.

Color mode:

The Sage Signals is printed in grayscale, black and white. Ads should be submitted in grayscale. Ads submitted with color will be converted to grayscale. Please be aware that when converted your ad may lose contrast and colored text may be difficult to read. Text over images, may become lost in the image.

File types accepted:

  • TIF
  • PDF (make sure all fonts are embedded)
  • EPS (convert all fonts to outlines)
  • PSD (remember to flatten image before sending)
  • JPG
  • Illustrator (.ai) ( include all fonts and linked images)
  • InDesign (Please package and include all linked files and fonts- or convert fonts to outline.)
  • Microsoft Publisher files not supported.

For best results, please do not send graphic files in Word or Excel documents.

Need Help?

Ad set-up is available, at the rate of $40.00 per hour.  Minimum charge $40. Please call for more information.