Nevada Cattlemen’s Association

Promoting a dynamic and profitable Nevada Beef Industry

The Nevada Cattlemen’s Association is a non-profit trade association that was established in 1935. We provide a means for Nevada’s cattle industry to present a united front on issues that impact us all.

Our mission is to promote a dynamic and profitable Nevada beef industry which represents the interests of its producers and consistently meets the consumer’s needs while increasing Nevada’s market share.

The Association works hard to protect private property, vested water and grazing rights. We achieve this through increased public awareness of our industry, and agriculture in general.

The Association feels strongly that the future of rural Nevada depends on healthy viable land produced by Nevada ranchers.

Lucky is the man that gets to run cows in the State of Nevada.”

Demar Dahl, Past President (1992-1994), Nevada Cattlemen’s Association


Hanes Holman

Hanes Holman

Carlin,  NV

(775) 934-6626

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Dave Baker

Baker Ranches Inc.

Baker, NV 

 (775) 234-7284

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Marlow Dahl
1st Vice President

TI Ranches LLC
Ruby Valley, NV

(775) 934-8569

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Wade Small
2nd Vice President

Small Livestock
Mountain City, NV

(775) 763-6644


Martin Paris

Martin Paris
Executive Director

Sharon McKnight

Sharon McKnight
Executive Secretary

Executive Committee

Dave Baker
(775) 234-7284
Baker Ranches Inc, Baker, NV
Tom Barnes (775) 744-4548
Barnes Ranch Inc., Spring Creek, NV
Ron Cerri
(775) 272-3386
Rebel Creek Ranch Orovada, NV
JJ Goicoechea
(775) 237-5275
Goicoechea Ranches Eureka, NV
Jon Griggs
(775) 738-8259
Maggie Creek Ranch Elko, NV
Hanes Holman
(775) 934-6626
Carlin, NV
Neil McQueary
(775) 753-4547
Elko, NV
Sam Mori
(775) 756-6551
Mori Ranch, Tuscarora, NV
Pam Morrison (775) 779-2324 Ruby Valley, NV
Boyd Spratling
(775) 752-3824 Spratling Ranch, Deeth, NV
Craig Spratling
(775) 752-3794 Deeth, NV
Dave Stix Jr.
(775) 575-4250 Stix Cattle Company, Fernley, NV

Board of Directors

  • Marta Agee
  • Jerry Annis
  • Dave Baker
  • Tom Barnes
  • Harvey Barnes
  • Steve Boies 

  • Meghan Brown
  • Steve Carter
  • Ron Cerri
  • Ken Conley
  • Demar Dahl
  • Joe Dahl
  • Marlow Dahl
  • Will DeLong
  • Tim Dufurrena
  • John Falen
  • JJ Goicoechea, DVM
  • Dan L. Gralian
  • Jon Griggs
  • Joseph Guild
  • Mitch Heguy
  • Hanes Holman
  • Neil McQueary
  • Amber Miller
  • Travis Miller
  • Sam Mori
  • Pamela Morrison
  • Lucy Rechel
  • Wade Small
  • Craig Spratling
  • Boyd Spratling, DVM
  • Dave Stix Jr.
  • Mike Stremler
  • Rodney Torell
  • Jake Uhlmann
  • Fred Wilkinson
  • Preston Wright