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Counties, Farm Bureau, and Cattlemen Applaud Governor Sandoval’s Decision to Pursue Legal Options Regarding Management of Wild Horses

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2016 NCA Scholarship Announced

The Nevada Cattlemen’s Association is seeking graduating seniors interested in pursuing an education in an agricultural related field to apply for the Annual NCA Scholarship. The NCA will be giving this year’s outstanding graduating senior a $1,000 scholarship to attend any junior college or four-year University to study in any agriculture related field. The deadline for all applications is May 10th, 2016.

Graduating seniors interested in pursuing an education in agriculture is encouraged to apply for the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association Annual Scholarship. The NCA will be giving this year’s outstanding graduating senior a $1,000 scholarship to attend a junior college or four-year University. The deadline for all applications is May 10, 2016. 

The heritage of Nevada is ranching. The NCA believes the future of our industry lies in the education of the generations to come, as we explore new and innovative methods of sustainability. “This scholarship is just one avenue for NCA to show it’s committed to protecting the future of ranching by encouraging younger generations to study in an agricultural related field,” stated Dan Gralian, Chairman of NCA’s Research and Education Committee.

Please send completed application to: Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, Research and Education Committee, PO Box 310 Elko, NV 89803.


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April 2016


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NCA Comments on Sage Grouse “Not Warranted” Listing

The Nevada Cattlemen's Association (NCA) supports the United States Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) recent designation of the Greater Sage Grouse (GRSG) as "not warranted" under the endangered species act of 1973. NCA feels this was the correct designation for the benefit of the Greater Sage Grouse, rural communities and the environment. The designation will hopefully result in the continued trend of positive habitat restoration on more than 17 million acres of habitat in Nevada. The recovery rate of species listed as endangered by USFWS under the ESA to date is poor, to say the least, with less than 1% actually recovering.

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Numbers standing at 65 shot, 10 dead, 55 walking wounded including a 3 month old calf with most of jaw shot off

If you have information please contact the Elko County Sheriff at 775-777-2507 or the Nevada Department of Agriculture Brand Division at 775-738-8076. 

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May 10, 2016

NCA Scholarship Applications Due


June 1-2, 2016

Ecological Site Description

Soils, Ecological Sites & State/Transition Models

Western Folklife Center, Elko, NV


June 3, 2016

NCA Board of Directors Meeting

Elko, NV


July 13-16, 2016

2016 Cattle Industry Summer Conference

Denver, CO






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