Nevada Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certification
Now Available On-Line

Tom Barnes, NCA President

Jon Griggs, NCA President Elect

Hanes Holman, NCA First Vice President

Dave Baker, NCA Second Vice President

Ron Torell, NCA BQA Coordinator


Raising “BEEF” following BQA guidelines has recently been recognized by the various segments of the feedlot and packing industries as well as our consumers as adding value to our product.  The Nevada Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program, under the umbrella of the National BQA guidelines, originated in the 1990’s under the direction of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and University of Nevada College of Agriculture staff.  The Nevada program certified over 1,000 Nevada beef producers from BQA’s origination in the 1990’s up to 2010.  With the retirement of Nevada BQA Coordinators on and around 2010 and UNR electing not to replace those positions, there is currently no statewide BQA program in place to conduct BQA trainings and maintain a certification program.   It is for this reason that the Nevada BQA program now relies on NCBA and its newly created on-line BQA certification resources.   


Nevada Cattlemen’s Association recommends that you and your ranch crew become BQA certified or get re-certified at 


Beef Quality Assurance is a nationally coordinated, state implemented program that provides systematic information to U.S. beef producers and beef consumers of how common-sense husbandry techniques can be coupled with accepted scientific knowledge to raise cattle under optimum management and environmental conditions. BQA guidelines are designed to make certain all beef consumers can take pride in what they purchase – and can trust and have confidence in the entire beef industry.

BQA programs have evolved to include best practices around good record keeping and protecting herd health, which can result in more profits for producers. When better quality cows leave the ranch and reach the market place, the producer, packer, and consumer all benefit. When better quality beef reaches the supermarket, consumers are more confident in the beef they are buying, and this increases beef consumption. 

The efforts of BQA across the nation have been instrumental in recent successes that continue to re-build and sustain beef demand.  Through BQA programs, producers recognize the economic value of committing to quality beef production at every level - not just at the feedlot or packing plant, but within every segment of the cattle industry. 

The guiding principles of BQA are based on these core beliefs:

  • WE BELIEVEproduction practices affect consumer acceptance of beef.
  • WE BELIEVEthe BQA Program has and must continue to empower beef producers to improve the safety and wholesomeness of beef.
  • WE BELIEVEthese fundamental principles are the fabric of the BQA Program.


Empowering people…because producers can make a difference.

Taking responsibility…because it’s our job, not someone else’s.

Working together…because product safety and wholesomeness is everyone’s business. 


Many of the video markets are asking for BQA certification as they list truck load lots of cattle. Do not wait until you list your cattle to become certified or re-certified.  Get on-line and get it done! Not only could it add value, “It is the right thing to do”.