Nevada Ranchers Receive BLM Rangeland Stewardship Awards

BOISE, Idaho (September 9, 2016) – Today, at the 2016 Public Lands Council Annual Meeting in Boise, Idaho the Bureau of Land Management announced the winners of this year’s Rangeland Stewardship Awards. We at Nevada Cattlemen’s Association are excited that two of the four awards given were received by Nevada Ranchers!

We would like to congratulate the Mori's of Tuscarora, NV for winning the Rangeland and Stewardship award for a grazing permittee. They have strived to maintain healthy rangelands while maintaining a sustainable livestock operation. The other winners from Nevada are the Shoesole Resource Management Group of Elko County; they are the recipients of the Rangeland Stewardship award for a collaborative team. Members of this group include the Cottonwood, Boies and Home ranches. They are a collaborative, consensus-based group, working on natural resource management and are devoted to sustaining healthy and productive public and private landscapes.

“I am proud that Nevada ranchers are getting the positive national recognition they’ve earned!!!” states Kathryn Dyer, BLM Nevada State Program Lead.

Each year the BLM recognizes accomplishments of grazing permitees/lessees and other partners involved with public land management. The winners of these rangeland awards are all dedicated to improving land management through implementation of successful management practices on public land.

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