Ecological Sites—Descriptions, States, and Transitions

—— Workshop June 15 and 16 ——

The Nevada Cattlemen’s Association invites all those who have an interest in improving their rangelands, running more cattle, having better relationships and communications with federal land management agencies, and being better looking, to come to the Ecological Site Description – State and Transition Model Workshop in Ely, NV at the Bristlecone Convention Center on June 15th and 16th.

Ok, maybe it won’t make you better looking but in my defense, by running more livestock you will make more money! By learning about Ecological Sites and their response to management you will gain knowledge, therefore making you smarter. So making you richer and smarter will naturally make you more attractive, so maybe I didn’t mislead!

We all want to do good “stuff” for the rangeland on which we live and depend. Rangelands are dynamic and ever-changing. Having the knowledge to know the state of your range and where it is in a dynamic cycle gives you the ability to make management decisions to get you and your range to where you want to be. That is what these workshops are about: giving you the knowledge and tools to help achieve your goals. Can you reduce the invasive annual grasses and increase the perennial grasses? Is that cheatgrass patch going to be a cheatgrass monoculture forever? Can I seed this burned country and increase density of perennial grasses and increase production and gain? Knowing your ecological sites and how they respond to management can help answer these and other questions you face as a manager. Knowledge is power! Knowing how your range responds gives you the information to graze your range to meet your goals – and stay on the land!

Those are the conversations that we need to be having with our agency friends. Last year’s Ecological Site Workshops in Elko and Winnemucca were clearly beneficial to producers and land management folks and resulted in much productive conversation. I would love to see everyone who can attend the workshop in Ely come and indulge in some of this knowledge.

Please contact Hanes Holman, NCA Second Vice President at 775-468-0400, for further information.